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Would you like to support Perth Bible College through a monetary donation? We accept online donations through paypal for our intenational mission teams, the library, scholarship and general donations.

Our fund-raising terms and conditions are available to read here.

If you’d rather not use PayPal, but would rather do a direct deposit, setup a direct debit, or use a cheque please complete the PBC Giving Form and send it to the college.

General College Donation

Your donation will be used in general areas, such as upgrading the College facilities. This helps maintain the College campus at a proper standard.

Library Donation

Maintaining the College library is essential for upholding the academic standards of the College. Your donation will give students greater access to the resources they need.

Student Scholarship Fund

Many students in Australia and around the world cannot afford to pay for the training they seek. Your donation can be directed towards a specific individual or towards the general scholarship fund.

International Mission Teams

IMT Giving Flyer

The Vision of IMT

To partner with, encourage, and build up under-resourced networks of Christian leaders across the world.

The Mission of IMT

To send training teams to encourage and build up Christian leaders in under-resourced partner networks across the world.

In many places around the world the gospel has taken root and there are a growing number of churches. However, in many areas, especially in the rural or poverty affected areas of developing countries, the local Christians do not have access to pastoral and leadership training that is essential to ensure the growth and future of the churches. It is this specific need that PBC is seeking to address through the IMT initiative.

Currently the IMT ministry works in:

  • Cambodia
  • Kenya
  • South Sudan/Uganda
  • Ethiopia
  • Sudan