Modes of Study

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PBC offers a number of different modes of study.

Full Time

All of the courses offered by Perth Bible College can be undertaken on a full time basis as either a residential, or a non-residential student.

Part Time

All subjects offered at Perth Bible College can be taken on a part-time basis. Several subjects are offered at night (6:30-9:00pm) to cater for people who cannot attend units during normal working hours.


Studying externally at PBC is designed to provide you with a learning experience which is not dissimilar from those attending on-campus. This is achieved by providing you with video and/or audio recordings, reading resources, an online learning environment and easily accessible lecturers and student support services. See specific courses and units for availability of external mode.


Auditing a subject means that you may attend all the lectures for a particular subject, enjoy the class and the students’ interaction without the STRESS factor linked to assignments or exams. See specific courses and units for availability of auditing mode.