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IMT is a mission initiative of Perth Bible College. PBC, since 1928, has had a heart for mission and ministry, this continues to today. IMT now forms a regular part of the practical outworking of this heart for mission. The vision of IMT is:“To partner with, encourage, and build up under-resourced networks of Christian leaders across the world.”
In many lands and contexts, especially the under-resourced rural and regional areas of the developing world, there exists neither opportunity nor ongoing support to ensure the continual strengthening of the churches that were planted. As one pastor from South Sudan puts it: “The missionaries have told us about the gospel and we believed. But they never told us what it means to be a mature Christian.”
This leaves those people and churches open to becoming weak, syncretistic, affected by heresy, or completely side-tracked by cults or other religions. We believe the missional partnering approach of identifying key network relationships, identifying and addressing particular training and development needs, and of sending training teams, short term yet regularly, is one of the most effective ways of strengthening the churches and facilitating a deep genuine indigenous response. In essence it is: “Short Term Mission with Long Term Vision”
Investing in partnerships and leaders ensures the growth of the churches and is one of the most effective ways of impacting an entire community for Christ. What is learned by the leaders is readily passed on to all. In other words: “Train One – Feed Many”

For each project IMT follows this strategy:
Identify networks to partner with.
Build relationship with key leaders.
Develop a profile of the project.
Build teams of teachers and supporters, both local and overseas.
Organise the ongoing training projects.
The strength of the work is determined by the relationship we have with key leaders who are passionate about the growth of their people. In each location we have identified such key people and are working in partnership to strengthen their network of leaders.

IMT Reports

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